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There is no such post. (This is not a joke.) ##Writing Exercise: Introductions to Articles - Personal Interests A personal interest is the one thing that you enjoy doing more than anything else; it could be an activity, a skill, or even a food. For this exercise, write the introductory paragraph for 4 blogs (2 of your own and 2 by others) about your personal interest.

1. How to Paint Your Nails with Gel Polish in 5 Easy Steps: com/watch?v=_XOtqN3TBjc 2. How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Belly Dance: 3. Famous Sri Lankans: 4. How to Manipulate your Face by Using Mani-Pedi in 3 Steps: com/ watch?v=jubVUj4oUhc 1. Repatriating with the help of a special branch in foreign countries: This is an interesting article about the repatriation of Indian students in foreign countries, in which it has been learnt that even in India, some people are not aware of the process of repatriating due to the lack of knowledge on the subject. The article also stresses on how special branches are helping Indians returning from abroad to get back home without any problems.

2. It's Not Rocket Science!: com/watch?v=6Ee8n8GQTUg 3. 3D printing: 4. A Retired Superstar: 1. The Dark Side of Sports: Sports can be a blessing as well as a curse to our life, and we should know both sides of sports before we start participating in it and we should also know the ways to help sportsmen and women who suffer from injuries or trapped in accidents due to sporting events, etc. There is a need to know both sides of sports before we start participating in it. Sports can be a blessing to our life, but at the same time, there is also a dark side to them, and also a dangerous risk factor for us. In this article about the dark side of sports, it has been said that one should know how sportsmen and women are getting injured or trapped in accidents due to sporting events that happens during international competitions and other kinds of events. 2. One questions: "Why e-cigarette use rose 1,000%:


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